How to make Money Online and with what is it done?

How to make Money Online and with what

Lets talk about how to make money online and with what you can do this for a good living. I will show you how to make recurring income online so you can attain mind blowing success by doing what you love best.

Yes, turn your hobby into a full time income online, regardless what your hobby may be you can become an expert in that field, making money in numerous ways off of that hobby.

By following the information I want to share with you and studying other recommended sources I will make reference to throughout my site you will become aware of a world of opportunity you probably never realized even existed.

Word of Caution

Before we begin let me give you a word of caution. Many people look at the idea of making money online with a very skeptical eye and rightly so. You are wise to inform yourself all about this world of opportunity and get all the facts before you blindly jump into something you are not familiar with and get badly burned in the process.

By showing an interest in the online world and trying making a living by it you are setting yourself up as an easy target for the gurus who like to prey on newbies like you, trying out offers and falling for the wrong ones because you don’t know what to look out for.

There are many fads and scams relating to this online business opportunity, that promise overnight wealth with a couple dollars down. They promise to do all the work behind the scenes and all you need to do is become a member and the cash will start to fly.

Well be warned, there is no such thing as an automated system that will make you money overnight. Many times once you have made the payment they will not really give you what you thought you had paid for and will be asked to pay a further fee to get the benefits you were trying to get with the first payment which is called up-selling. To get to the top of this you end up realizing you need to spend way more money than you actually have or want to spend for something that will not do what you were told it would and will still require you to do all the work leaving you ripped off of your much needed money and wasted valuable time.

So in short get informed before you buy into something, know what you can expect in terms of costs and preferably it should have a free version you can try before you are asked to pay for something or even before you need to put in credit card information.

The Opportunity to make Money Online

According to an article I read in Time Magazine the number of Internet users has increased from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015, which gives you the figure of potential customers you can serve when you go online with your business, whereas the brick and mortar shop in your neighborhood corner is limited to a range of factors that are defined by:

  • Location
  • The size of the store
  • Staff working in the store
  • Warehouse or storage space
  • Inventory
  • People living in the area
  • People knowing about the store
  • Etc.

A similar list for an online business will look like the list below:

  • Domain (Location)
  • Website (Virtual Store)
  • Search Engines (3.5 billion searches daily on google alone)
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization (free traffic to your website)
  • Software and Automation (staff)
  • Afffiliate Partners (Warehouse, Storage, Inventory)
  • Automated Shipping (not limited to staff and huge overhead costs)

So you will see that the opportunities at a brick and mortar shop is like a drop of water in the ocean compared to a website, and to setup a website takes a fraction of the investment and is way more flexible than the brick and mortar building you visit down the road.

What you will need to make money online


To start out on this venture you need to understand that you are starting a great journey. This is not a fad or a short lived episode in some movie, but what you are contemplating to begin is a business. You will need lots of patience and perseverance to get this thing right. Just like building a skyscraper you need a firm foundation because everything from here going forward will be resting on your foundation. Do not rush or jump ahead and be sorry later. There is a right way to do everything and you need to be sure to get it. Find yourself a certification course to go by in building this foundation for your skyscraper.


You need lots of planning to know how to structure your site so it will serve to satisfy the customers needs. Remember the customer or your site visitor is the key focus, you want to over deliver on what they are looking for so that they can feel they get special treatment and refer others to your site as well.

Know your Customers and their needs

You need to know what customers you want to attract to your site and build your site and the content around that area of interest so that customers will find you when they search for products you are offering. You need to determine what gender, age group, and special interest you are targeting and what the needs of this group is and with these important factors in mind you can effectively build a site that will cater to their needs

Domain Name

Once you know who you are targeting and you know their needs, you will know what you are offering or solving for them. You are now ready to choose a Domain Name where people can find you on the internet. Think of it as the front door to your online business. People need to come in through it to get what you have to offer. Choosing a unique and strategic name is important in getting traffic to your site. As it plays somewhat of a role in the search results that show up on google bing and yahoo search engines when people search for stuff online.

Attractive Website

The Website and how it is designed plays a very important role in what your visitors will do when the arrive at your site. Its the first appearance to your visitor that will make or break your success and the time they will spend on your site. So you can see it is important to learn how to build an attractive site for your online presence. You can spend a lot of money for web designers to build your site but I can show you how to build great websites at better rates than you will find elsewhere, with a lot of extras, an excellent training program the likes you won’t find anywhere else online with 24 hour online support. If that is not enough grab yourself 2 totally free websites and the training here! This way you are in control and can tweak your site to perfection on your own timing, no relying and waiting on other people. Do it your way and do it right!

Free Traffic

A very positive factor in building your own site and taking care of everything related to your website is the fact that as you build out the site you can continually keep in mind what customers you are targeting, what traffic you want on your site and what experience the visitor will get on your site which in turn gives you a greater amount of traffic to your site as the search engines favor content that is targeted and to the point. So visitors will find your site simply because of the way you put out your information on your site. Which is another thing that you can learn at the training I recommend for pennies on the dollar.

Search Engine Optimization

Similar to what I covered under free traffic, SEO is a tool or practice that is very helpful in showing your content to the search engines so that people find your site when someone types in search terms that you offer information about on your site. And although almost automated you need to know how to properly set up your site so that your site is search engine friendly.

Without SEO your site is useless online. How much can you achieve with a website that nobody can find online. You would be a lot more limited than the brick and mortar store down the road because they are at least exposed to the traffic that goes by. Online you now would be dependent on word of mouth advertisement for people to know your exact domain name and type it into a browser to find your website. So you can see the importance of optimization.


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